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We would love to host your group for a private tour of Hart Square Village! Hart Square is the most comprehensive museum of Early American structures and antiques in the world. Not only is the breadth of our collection unmatched, but the experience is unparalleled. Our museum does not confine artifacts to glass cases. We do not rope off certain sections. Rather, we invite a visitor into a space that feels like a family or crafts person got up and walked out moments prior. We strive above all for authenticity.

 You will be led by one of our tour guides through our collection of 19th Century cabins while they share with you the history and intimate details of our structures. The expansive collection includes one of three functioning pre-civil war cotton gins in the U.S., a print shop, a doctor’s office, a one-room schoolhouse, and countless artifacts that will never be found anywhere else, even in the Smithsonian.

 Your tour will last 2 hours as you will walk through about 10 of our historical log structures.   If there is a particular cabin you would like to add to your route during your time at Hart Square you may request that at the time of booking.   A private tour is a perfect option for those who would like to experience our village in a more personal way!

Pricing is $17 a person with a $350 minimum.

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